STD testing & Treatment

STD Testing and Treatment Options at OC Women’s Care

OC Women’s Care is committed to providing thorough STD testing and treatment, while maintaining the privacy of its patients at all times. STDs are caused by bacterial, parasitic, or viral infections that are spread during any form of sexual activity. Screenings for STDs may include blood tests, cultures, and a visual exam. Those patients who receive a positive test result after STD screening will be promptly informed of their diagnosis, and the best possible course of treatment will be determined.

Some STDs such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Genital Warts may or may not exhibit symptoms. If you believe that you may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease, please schedule an appointment for screening. OC Women’s Care encourages patients to make intelligent choices in order to protect themselves from STDs while engaging in sexual intercourse. Condoms protect against most sexually transmitted diseases and infections, but there is a wide array of contraceptive options available to patients.

To learn about STD teting and treatment options, please schedule an appointment by calling (714) 966-2112.

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