Obstetrical Care

At OC Women’s Care, we provide comprehensive obstetrical care from pre-conception through postpartum to ensure the best care and outcome possible. Dr. Debora Sedaghat, who is well known in the community for her compassionate and thorough care, will guide you through each and every step of your pregnancy and address every issue or concern that you may have. Our brand new office is also equipped with the most advanced technology to help this experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible. We truly understand the importance of choosing a doctor you can trust and become partners with in this incredible and memorable journey.

During your pregnancy, you will visit your doctor on a regular basis for physical examinations, blood tests and ultrasounds in order to monitor the growth and development of your baby. We will also discuss with you your options for the delivery process, and then work with you to ensure that labor and delivery is comfortable and stress-free. Postpartum care is also available to help women become acclimated to the motherhood lifestyle while maintaining their health as well.

Obstetrical services provided at OC Women’s Care

  • Pre-Pregnancy Assessment & Counseling
  • Routine Pregnancy/Prenatal Care
  • Prenatal/Genetic Testing
  • Low Risk Pregnancy Anticipating Vaginal Delivery
  • High Risk Pregnancy (i.e. Multiple Gestation)
  • Operative Obstetrics (i.e. Cerclage)
  • Repeated Early Pregnancy Loss (Recurrent Miscarriages) Evaluation
  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section
  • Normal Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery vs Elective Cesarean Section
  • In Office High Tech Ultrasound
  • Postpartum Care
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