What Is Post-Partum Depression?
By OC Womens Care
February 19, 2021

Pregnancy is a time when everything in your life becomes amplified. You may be exposed to big highs, as well as big lows. Depression in combination with giving birth is not something that's uncommon, it's the second most important thing to know. The most important is that it's a treatable condition. Reach out to Dr. Debora Sedaghat of OC Women's Care in Fountain Valley, CA, to find more detailed information,

Symptoms to Look For

A lot of women feel some worry or sadness after giving birth. Often these feelings pass within days. Post-partum depression however is a mood disorder that commonly affects women after pregnancy. It is a condition that can last for weeks, if not months, and for which you should seek the intervention of a professional.

Some symptoms that may help you identify post-partum depression, or depression in general, are feelings of numbness, anger, or feeling disconnected from your newborn. Other symptoms are crying more than usual, separating yourself from your loved ones, having trouble eating, difficulty concentrating on everyday tasks, feeling guilty, and feeling doubtful about your ability to be a good mother and to care for your child. Some women even worry that they may hurt their baby, or hurt themselves.

Everyone is different, so how these symptoms manifest for you, or to what degree, or if they manifest at all, depends on your specific case.

Post-partum Depression Treatment in Fountain Valley, CA

What you are feeling has a name, has a history of treatment and success. Don't think it is something you have to handle on your own. Every woman deserves support. So if you are having symptoms of depression the best thing you can do for yourself and your child is to get in contact with a professional as soon as possible. Make a call today to Dr. Sedaghat of OC Women's Care in Fountain Valley, CA, by dialing (714) 966-2112.


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